The other day, after watching An Inconvenient Truth and soaking in all the suggestions offered to do my part, I thought of a few other ways to help out with global warming:

  • Convince a politician that you are carrying their child. Blackmail them into introducing a new bill/law that helps the cause.
  • Breathe out for less time than you breathe in, thus cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions (this one should be quite obvious).
  • Invent a time machine, go back in time and ensure that you stop using Spice Girls aerosol deodorants.
  • Make even more graphs about it – An Inconvenient Truth 2 is born, spreading more awareness.
  • Rewatch An Inconvenient Truth, but pay attention this time.
  • Get rid of all the animals. Animals also breathe out carbon dioxide, and are part of the problem.
  • Change your WhatsApp status to a Gandhi quote.

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