One of my life goals is to someday write and publish a hilarious, poignant (every book review I’ve ever read features the word “poignant”; why wouldn’t mine?) and deeply honest/raw (take your pick of these dime-a-dozen review words) novel. Think Tina Fey’s Bossypants meets Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar meets my Twitter feed.

Obviously, I haven’t started writing said book yet, but I am toying with a couple of ideas for potential names:

  • List Of Archenemies In Ascending Order Of Charges
  • My Favourite TV Show Ended So I Found Time To Write This Book
  • My Childhood: Volume I to XI, The Formative Years
  • Is It Too Soon For My Next Cappuccino?
  • You’re Welcome: How I Singlehandedly Put A Stop To Global Warming
  • My Reading Of The Parent Trap: The Psychological Analysis You Never Knew You Needed Or Asked For
  • Getting Revenge On Anyone Who Ever Rejected You For Dummies
  • So You Bought A Juicer – Now What?: A Beginner’s Guide To Freaking Out About Your Health And Doing The Bare Minimum About It
  • The Christina Seimenis Smileyface Story: My Autobiography In Emojis

All (one day) (maybe) coming to a bookstore near you.


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