Friendship is a beautiful thing. We learn through friends, grow through friends and share our lives with friends. It’s beautiful. One could almost cry just thinking about it. You can’t mention Ben without Matt; Cher without Dionne; Blair without Serena; the Friend that Jennifer Aniston played without the Friend that Courteney Cox played; (on that note) Courteney without Jennifer… You get it. Our friends can be like soul mates – they have the ability to transcend the barriers of this physical realm in which we are temporarily trapped, awaiting our uncharted destiny, hopefully together, for all eternity. BFF. Best Friends Forever, right? Bear this in mind going forward.

On an unrelated note: we all make mistakes. Sometimes we say that we won’t continue watching Orphan Black without our dearest friend and then a couple of days go by and you just can’t get it off your mind and you think, ‘Maybe I’ll just watch, like, eight minutes of this’, and next thing you know, you’re in too deep and you’ve watched the entire season. You meant well. You really did. I meant well.

I’m so happy that friendship can withstand such rigorous trials. That, as the Spice Girls so aptly put it, ‘friendship never ends’.

Mistakes come and go. Friends are forever. I’m sorry Francois. I can explain.


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