I love October. Perhaps for no other reason than it being the month of Halloween, one of my favourite times of year. Even though Halloween isn’t a huge deal in SA (for some insane and sad reason), I always dress up and watch Hocus Pocus and eat all the things.

Because I am reading The Greatest Salesman in the World and have decided to become very SERIOUS and goal-oriented, I am also going to set some goals for the month:

☐ Write five times more than I did in September (not a difficult feat; I spent much of September procrastinating).
☐ Become a master in the art of fighting like Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill (both volumes, obviously).
☐ Stay off Tumblr… sometimes… just, like, mostly… like five less minutes a day…
☐ Stop biting the inside of my bottom lip until it’s rough and sore.
Drink less coffee.
☐ Find a solution for global warming.
☐ Do a hair mask every time I wash my hair so it doesn’t start feeling like straw again and I don’t feel tempted to cut it really short even though it is very thick and has a lot of volume and will be unruly and horrible.
☐ Just like do awesome things while still getting a lot of work done, managing to adequately balance my career and personal life in a way that most people in the world find that they can not.


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