1.  I sit in the good doctor’s waiting room and think that I am here because of you.

2.  There is no letter lowercase enough for when I have to write about you.

3.  The psychiatrist told me that I am drifting.

4.  When I drive out of my area every day, the security guard only ever sees me turn left or right. To him, I only ever drive one way or the other.

5.  Why can’t I be both?
Why can’t I be both?
Why can’t I be both?

6.  If we are to suppose that parallel dimensions exist, I know that, although I hope, I’d be here still.

7.  If we are to suppose that such dimensions are real, is hell one of many?

8.  I will believe it all if it means that you would go there.

9.  But writing it down makes my reader sympathise with you, even though they know you’re a monster; monsters turn to princes when given the love of a princess.

10.  You have known love. It did not help you.

11.  My only reasoning is that your heart or soul or other metaphorical conscience is blackened – whether from misuse or abuse, we don’t know. We can not presume to know.

12.  I can’t sit here, in this typically depressing waiting room and care.

13.  Because I’m the one in the waiting room at the end of it.


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