The Definition Of Contradiction

1.  We’re sitting on the same bed, a metre apart at most – we have always agreed that my understanding of distance leaves much to be desired. You are right there and if I wanted to, I could reach out and run my hand down the length of your clothed back; I’m both able and allowed. I feel more alone than ever.

2.  Earlier, I woke you up and it was cloudy, threatening to storm all day but never getting there. When the weather dictates your mood or your mood agrees with the weather, it is excusable. When the sun shows itself at 4h30pm and nothing changes, your game face has to.

3.  Saturdays are known for being full of enjoyment: activity you can’t indulge in during the week, a busy vibration running through entire countries that doesn’t spill into Sundays. I spend the day on your bed, alternating between reading and being so deep inside the very nucleus of my mind that I forget to be a living entity.

4.  The opposite of gold is thought to be silver by many. I couldn’t say why, only that it is often an either/or between the two. My gold cuff bracelet opens of its own accord while I’m trying to wrap my arm over my eyes. You ask me if I’m okay, but I don’t know the range the question covers so I hum my reply and try to ignore the chill.

5.  At 5pm, I’ll have to move. At 5pm, I’ll have to rejoin everybody else and prepare for the night.


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