You Too

One day I must have clicked my red heels together in the right way
And there you were at last
I waited an age without even knowing it
No longer did I need to stand on the pavement alone
The fight scene swirled around me still
And you, without doing so, showed me it was there
You were the comic relief and your punchlines obliterated
    the gravity of the fencing
at the right moment, too
And you stood there and said
    not only “me too”
    but “you too” as well
The music started up and everybody left
bored, even though the ending was spectacular
But you stayed – we stayed – until the lights flickered on
    and the cleaners came in
It was very still, very peaceful
And even when I wanted to leave, too,
    you just looked at me, saying
    “you too”
So we stayed a while longer


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